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Orphans God Bless the Children
For more information, please visit God Bless the Children's Facebook page by clicking below:

God Bless the Children is a non-profit institution that was established in Guatemala in 2004 to support children with limited resources in situations of vulnerability as well as street children that suffer abandonment and abuse, providing them with opportunities for stability and integral development based on Christian values and biblical principles.

The mission and vision of the orphanage is to create a family environment for these children and to provide a good home where each child feels important, loved and safe – the most important thing is that these kids are able to experience God’s love.

They currently provide services for 20 children.  AHH partnered with God Bless the Children in 2017 to help with their needs. 

Donations to God Bless the Children are used to provide a home, purchase food and clothing, pay wages, tuition and fees, purchase medicine, offer physical and speech therapy and make available psychological support to help the children heal from the trauma and mistreatment they experienced prior to entering the home.   

Many of the stories of the children in the care of God Bless the Children have left lasting impressions on those who run the association and those employed there.  Your tax-deductible donation will be greatly appreciated and used in ways that will have a direct impact in changing the lives of these little children. 

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