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La Casa Colombia Maternity Home


Meeting the needs of children is a full-spectrum task: from adoption, to foster care, to family preservation.  A Helping Hand Ministries partners with La Casa, a maternity home in Colombia, to help women in crisis.  Please consider a donation to La Casa by using the "Donate" button above, and select "La Casa" as the project.


In the last 79 years La Casa has welcomed more than 3,000 women facing crisis pregnancy. In 2021 they opened ateen pregnancy home, to give women access to specialized medical and psychosocial care and empower them to forge a more sustainable future. Without the help of La Casa, most of these women would be living in the streets or under extreme conditions of poverty, and would consider abortion.


La Casa has the capacity to receive and support 40 pregnant teenagers and their babies in situations of vulnerability such as sexual violence, drugs,  lack of resources and irregular migration, in a boarding school modality.


La Casa provides women facing crisis pregnancy with the following services:

  • Psychologist

  • Social worker

  • Nurse

  • Educators

  • Nutritionist/ Cook

  • Physicians/ Obstetricians

  • Spiritual counseling

  • Relaxation classes

  • Life Project Coach

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