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Heart of child Uganda is a child care organization that has been in existence for the past 12 years. We work to rescue, restore dignity and rebuild children’s lives. We work in collaboration with the government of Uganda and all the children under our care are referred to us through the appropriate government agencies namely; - the police and probation and welfare department.

What we do
We believe every child belongs to a forever loving family to become a dignified member of the society. We receive, care for and rehabilitate orphaned, abandoned, vulnerable, destitute, abused, degenerated and neglected children. We offer temporary care, love and shelter to children that have been abandoned and abused by parents and care givers. We offer medical care and nutritional help to the malnourished babies since the majority come in very devastating conditions that require immediate attention.
Over the years, we have cared for more than 600 children; we find biological parents or extended family willing to be resettled with their children or place them in foster care families. Some of the children have been adopted internationally. Several of the children admitted have serious medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, HIV and Aids, asthma, sickle cells and other complications like blindness. So our work is really deep and extensive in helping to rescue and rebuild the shattered lives of the children under our care.

We have been able to do this kind of work by God’s grace. Serving the needy children fills our hearts with love and joy.

Kizito Jeremiah

Tendo Priscilla

Nankya Jennifer

Ajune David

Koshen Kizza

Tusubira Grace

Mubiru Junior

Nalukenge Swabra

Some of the Kids in the Home

The COVID 19 pandemic that has grossly affected many economies across the world did not spare us at heart of a child. We therefore seek your help and support to be able to continue with the work that we have been doing over the past 12 years. We require funding for food, medical care, and clothes. You may also volunteer at Heart of a child under medical, social work and care for the children and be a blessing to these children. You can donate items such as baby formula, diapers, cloths, shoes and food items


Physical address

We are located in central Uganda, Namakwa, 11kms Katosi road, Nakisunga, Mukono district. P.o. Box 34668 Kampala Uganda. Tel.
0701-324723, 0782-327422 or 0703009332

Before and After Photos of the Children

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