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Our Journey

My name is Kenneth Nganda and I am 37 years old. Cathy my wife and I have been married for 12 years and we are blessed with three beautiful biological children, Krystal, Karen, and Ethan and three children through adoption Joshua, Charity, and Jemimah. My father and mother both passed away in 2000 when I was at university and I was left with two siblings to take care of. I struggled to raise funds for us to survive and also finish school. Many times I would break down and weep because of the rejection from able relatives who could have supported us. My anguish and loneliness was used of God to grow a desire in me to help the orphaned and vulnerable children, and this is what I have done for the last 14 years. I worked with Compassion International for 2, years then moved on to SOS Children’s Villages for 5 years before God led us to start a new organization. I shared with my wife that God has laid it upon my heart to start a babies home but she was not at all interested and so we hit a road block. I went before God and cried for him to show her the importance in doing this and to ignite a fire in her heart to further this cause. God is amazing! He answered and she even suggested that we start by adopting a baby ourselves so we could experience this first hand. We keep experiencing the joy and sometimes the pain as we raise these children in the fear and knowledge of our Lord. It is a very challenging experience, but we have

seen the transformation on a day-to-day basis as we see the smiles on their faces and this gives us hope to continue doing what we are doing. Some day when we have a big project to run, we will know how to encourage the people we’ll work with. We registered an organization called Heart of a Child Uganda and God blessed us with a beautiful 13 acre piece of property. We are believing God for friends and partners who will come alongside us and together we can bring hope to Africa’s future leaders. The journey is long and often times scary but we do not labor in vain for God is with us.


Kenneth & Catherine Nganda

Kampala, Uganda – East Africa

How to Become a

Church Partner

A Helping Hand Ministires is looking for churches who will sponsor the baby’s home one month out of the year. Just like the 12 tribes of Israel, we need 12 churches to commit to raise the funds needed for the baby’s home. The current monthly expenses for staff salaries, medical supplies, food, clothing, and other items is $6,236. To learn how your church can become a sponsor, please call 859-263-9964.

Heart of a Child Uganda is a non profit organization founded by Ken and Cathy Nganda in May 2007. Ken and Cathy themselves have adopted 3 children and desire to fulfill the call of James 1:27. Tender Hearts is the name of the baby’s home run by Heart of a Child.


Heart of a Child is committed to finding permanent homes for orphans whether that means reunifying them with their birth families, finding local Uganda families to adopt them, or allowing the children to be adopted internationally. From 2010 to 2014, 36 children have been successfully reunified with their biological families and 12 children have been adopted internationally. It is our commitment to provide orphan care and adoption services with excellence and integrity. Please join us as we care for orphans.

Heart of a Child owns land in Mokono, Uganda. Over the past year, we have been raising funds to build a new baby’s home on the site. Every year A Helping Hand Ministries leads a mission team to Uganda to work at Tender Hearts. Over the years, we have improved conditions at the baby’s home in Kampala (rented house). This past year, we have been focusing on the new baby’s home site. Thanks to the generosity of churches the project is almost complete. Our teams have also used this time to minister

to the widows in the area and to provide vacation bible school for children at various locations.

Individual Partners:

For individuals wishing to support the baby’s home, you may also send donations to A Helping Hand Ministries at 767 Lane Allen Road Lexington, KY 40504 or visit our website to make a one time donation or set up a monthly donation at www.nightlight.org

For Questions Contact:


Lisa Prather

T: (859) 263-9964

F: (859) 263-9957


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